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Tips for enhancing your Debating skills

A  debate is a well thought-out argument. The participants speak for and against about a particular topic. A debate is quite unlike the arguments one has with family or friends. The interventions in a debate are cautiously controlled . These are prearranged and not spontaneous.

We often experience getting cold feet when it comes to participating in a debate.





We present to you some useful and lucrative tips to refine your debating skills and getting over your fears of taking active part in a debate.

1. Listen to the topic carefully

Misunderstanding the topic and its essence is out of the question. Make sure that you grasp the topic well and are able to comprehend in accordance.

2. Use logic to develop your points

A well-thought logic is a straight road to success in debates. Back your statements with facts and logics both. A sound logic speaks volumes about your mental level and understanding.

3. Keep your tone loud but polite

You  should not sound overpowering to your partner. Be loud to be clear not to prove a point or overshadow your opponent.

4. Clarity

Do make sure that there is clarity of your thought that is transitioned to clarity of words. No scope of  miscommunication should arise.

5. Eye Contact

Maintain steady eye contact but not to the extent of staring.

6. Facts and Figures

Make sure that your facts are correct and so is the source from where they have been derived. Wrong facts may put you in a tough spot when corrected by opponent.

We hope that these tips would provide you with a stream of confidence enabling you to transform into a fabulous debater.


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