Deconstructing the C-Suite: Essential Leadership Traits You Must Have

C-Suite is a term that describes the senior most executives of a corporation viz. CEO, CFO, CTO, COO etc. This is a group of individuals who stand a cut above the rest. They demonstrate exceptional leadership traits and inculcate their vast technical expertise to chalk out visionary perspectives for the company. These executives are not your average employee of the company – they are the custodian of an entire institution and must hold themselves to higher standards and responsibilities than everyone else.

This article explores the leadership qualities that a C-Suite must possess in order to take their organisation to greater heights. At the same, it also serves as a primer for managers and trainers to shape the global leaders of tomorrow:

  • Be a nonconformist – A leader cannot think like everyone else in the company. They need to think about change, instill hope, and be willing to explore uncharted territories. Playing with radical ideas and implementing them in pilot projects should be a core part of their responsibilities.
  • Invest in yourself – As a leader of your organisation, you must constantly invest in yourself. You need to be an inspiration for your employees, to be a trailblazing figure who they can look up to. There are many instances where senior managers reach a level of stagnation in their professional career, which significantly depreciates their importance for the young and upcoming employees. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and you need to stay abreast with these changes and adapt accordingly.
  • Embrace failure, be humble in successFailure often teaches us a lot more than our successes, and for this, you need accept the fact that there will be some moments of failure in life. Every step back should encourage you to take two steps forward, and when you achieve success, remain humble about it. Do not stop, do not look back, because your competitors will always be nipping at your heels to overtake you.
  • Invest in your employees – The main reason why most employees leave an organisation is either money or lack of growth. Invest in developing your employees, nurture them as leaders, and make them realize their full potential.
  • Due process should be supreme – Every process in your company should be fair and transparent. People don’t mind decision not going in their favor, if they are convinced that they are dealing with a process that ensures fair play to all.
  • Reward loyaltyWe live in an age where employees change their jobs every other year, looking for better pay and perks. The ones who persist and give their all for the company are the ones who deserve to be rewarded and recognized.
  • Expect to be judgedPeople will always judge you for your decisions. Sometimes you will take decisions that make people happy, while there will be instances where it would lead to grumbles and groans. But remember! A leader is not supposed to make people happy all the time. They have to take decisions that will lead the company on the path to success, even if it means taking some tough ones. You must be tough as nails and at the same time be ready with numbers and solid logic to justify your decision. A caveat: you don’t need to necessarily take difficult decisions just for the sake of it!

Do you identify yourself as a leader? Do you possess great people management skills? Getting ahead in the corporate world demands hard work, a sense of industriousness, and an ability to influence people. In order to convince people of your ideas and vision, you need to have remarkable communication skills. Level up your skillset today with Pep Talk India’s best-selling course ‘Pep Talk Skills’, and transform yourself into a public speaker extraordinaire!


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