Dialogue Between Two Friends on Air Pollution in Delhi

Air pollution is a persistent problem faced by the people of Delhi. At times, the air becomes so chock-full of dust and smoke that you can literally swallow it. The situation worsens during the winter season when the miasma of smog cloys around the environment, making conditions nearly unlivable. Breathing and lung problems become common, with kids and the elderly suffering the most. Since air pollution is such a recurring issue in Delhi, you sooner or later find yourself discussing the same with a friend. Here is how a dialogue or English conversation goes down on this topic:

Shivani: Hi Rajat, how are you?

Rajat: Hi Shivani, I am good. Did you see the pollution levels today?

Shivani: Yes, I was going to discuss that only. The situation is worsening by the day.

Rajat: Unbelievable. What is the government doing? Every year, we have to face the same problem.

Shivani: Right. Vehicular pollution, crop burning, rampant construction activities and incessant bursting of firecrackers has led to this. I can only shudder to think what would happen post Diwali.

Rajat: I agree. There should be some sort of check on this. People are suffering and no concrete steps are being taken.

Shivani: Tell me. I haven’t gone to office for the past couple of days. Working from home. Grandparents have developed a terrible breathing problem and need to take care of them.

Rajat: Whoa! That sounds serious. Have you got them admitted? I got my younger brother admitted to RML Hospital. His asthma condition has deteriorated over the last week.

Shivani: That is awful. Please take care of him. I wanted to ask- which are the air purifiers available in the market? And can you also please suggest some good oxygen masks?

Rajat: I guess you can go for a Honeywell air purifier. Been using it since the past few months. And a Dettol oxygen mask will do the task.

Shivani: Oh thank you! I will need to go out after a few days and from the looks of it, seems impossible without a mask.

Rajat: I agree. It is like a gas chamber out there. A report said that it is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes daily!

Shivani: Hmm. I guess I will have to shift out of Delhi after I get married. This is no place to raise a family. Every other kid I know has developed some sort of breathing problem.

Rajat: I am planning the same. Will ask for a transfer to Bangalore. By the way, have you seen the petition doing the rounds on Change.org, asking the CM to take immediate action to alleviate the pollution problem?

Shivani: Yeah, I signed it. Does anything good ever come out of these petitions? I doubt it.

Rajat: One can only hope.

Shivani: Thanks again, Rajat. Take care of your family. I am hoping it rains soon. At least, we will be able to breath.

Rajat: Fingers crossed. Let’s hope the monsoon arrives early. Take care of your family. Bye!

Shivani: Cya! Bye!

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