English Conversation About International Yoga Day

Yoga is considered as India’s gift to the world. With its origins dating back to the pre-Vedic era, Yoga offers numerous and health and medical benefits through its different physical, mental, and spiritual exercises. Practiced by more than 2 billion people worldwide today, Yoga has found immense popularity in the west, especially America, where the number of people practicing yoga in some form have significantly increased over the past few years.

As the importance of Yoga grows globally, one needs to stay updated on what the discourse about Yoga is these days, especially regarding International Yoga Day. Here is how you can discuss the same with another person:

Gaurav: Hey Dushyant! How are you?

Dushyant:  I am fine, Gaurav! How about you?

Gaurav: So, are you going for the International Yoga Day celebrations at India Gate?

Dushyant: Oh, I am not aware of it. I returned from Australia only a month back. However, I am interested in knowing more about it.

Gaurav: Sure! I will fill you in. International Yoga Day is an initiative of the Indian government to popularize yoga all around the world. It is celebrated on June 21 i.e. tomorrow.

Dushyant: Tomorrow itself! I will accompany you. In the morning, right? Can you tell me more about yoga? I am aware of it but haven’t done any other exercise apart from what my gym instructor told me to.

Gaurav: Yeah, I will. I hope you it originated in ancient India and has loads of health benefits? It keeps you in good shape, makes you more immune to various diseases and helps you relax!

Dushyant: Yes, I know about its history. The ancient sage Patanjali was also a pioneer in yoga, right?

Gaurav: Right you are!

Dushyant: Tell me more about the health benefits I will receive from yoga.

Gaurav: There are many. Your flexibility improves, you have a better digestive system, your posture is way better, helps you in asthma and diabetes, heart related problems are reduced, your skin looks much better, helps control stress, your minds feels calm and relaxed, and you can even reduce your weight!

Dushyant: Wow, reduce my weight? I am listening.

Gaurav: Yoga poses are also known as ‘asanas’. Once you practice regularly, you will see an incremental change in your body weight. The process won’t be as quick as the workouts you do in the gym like cardio or weight-lifting but it is far better in the long-term.

Dushyant: And I can do it at home without requiring any gym equipment and stuff, right?

Gaurav: Absolutely right. So there are certain yoga asanas that are quite effective in burning your calories. They are Surya Namaskar, Halasana, Dhanurasana, Veerbhadrasana, and Purvottasana.

Dushyant: That’s quite a mouthful! Can you please explain in detail what these all are?

Gaurav: I was coming to it. The most common one is Surya Namaskar that literally means salutation to the sun.

Dushyant: I think I have seen that on YouTube. There are different poses in it e.g. prayer pose, raised arms pose, equestrian pose, stick poser etc, right?

Gaurav: Correct! If you do it at a quick pace, it stretches your abdominal muscles, reduces the excess weight around the stomach and strengthens the flexibility of your spine.

Dushyant: Cool. Tell me about the others.

Gaurav: Okay, there is the Halasana, which isn’t too easy for an amateur yogi, but can be undertaken once you are fairly acquainted by the exercises.

Dushyant: Hmm. I will try the other poses.

Gaurav: Dhanurasana is known as the upward wheel pose. You have to bend your body in the form of a bow. It is really good for flexibility and endurance.

Dushyant: Nice!

Gaurav: Veerbhadrasana is the warrior pose, where you get a good stretching workout for your lower back, legs, thighs and arms. You need to focus a lot on holding this pose!

Dushyant: How does one do it?

Gaurav: There are different ways. Check on Google!

Dushyant: And what was the last one…Purvottasana?

Gaurav: Yes, also known as the upward plank, Purvottasana helps a workout of back, shoulders, spine, arm muscles, and also tests your core strength. In a single, intense session, you can burn upto 200 calories.

Dushyant: Sounds really good!

Gaurav: Yes, but remember, along with all of this, you also need to follow a healthy diet. If you are eating junk food, then don’t expect yoga to help you!

Dushyant: Haha! I am avoiding all oily and sugary stuff for quite some time. It is anyway expensive as hell and messes up your stomach.

Gaurav: Right! So you will be coming tomorrow? Expect you at 6 AM?

Dushyant: Yes, I will!

Gaurav: Okay, some tips to follow- stay hydrated and eat some nutritious stuff at least 45 minutes before the session.

Dushyant: I will do as you advise. Thank you!

Gaurav: My pleasure. It was certainly an enlightening conversation. See you tomorrow then!

Dushyant: Yes, cya! I will be on time.

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