English Conversation About Rainy Season

After a long spell of dry and sultry climate, especially in Delhi, the monsoon season is upon us. Providing much needed relief from the heat, the earthly, musky smell of petrichor is a divine grace of nature. The fresh air, the pitter-patter sound of rain beating against the window, and eating piping hot pakoras and samosas with your family in such weather is just a heavenly feeling. While the rains are welcomed by one and all, in a metropolitan city like Delhi, they bring a host of problems like water-logging, dengue outbreak, random power outages, and traffic jams. How does an English conversation between two people go for the rainy season? Let’s see!

Sanjay: Hi Atul! How are you?

Atul: Hey Sanjay! I am good. What about you?

Sanjay: I am fine right now but had a near escape yesterday. When I was returning from the market, it was raining heavily and all of a sudden there was this huge gust of wind that knocked this electric pole. It just missed me by a whisker!

Atul: That’s terrifying. I hope you are good now. But one has to admit, the rainy season has been a huge relief after the recent heat wave. Did you know around 25 people have succumbed to the heat across North India?

Sanjay: Yes, I know that. Let’s hope there are no floods this time. It becomes really difficult for people to continue with their daily lives.

Atul: I agree. Let’s hope the desilting work has been completed by the government this year. Else we will face water-logging issues again.

Sanjay: Not to mention the traffic jams. It is a nightmare while returning from Gurgaon. I was stuck in traffic for nearly two hours the last Friday.

Atul: I don’t feel like working at all in this pleasant weather. The perfect time to go on a long-drive with friends!

Sanjay: Haha! I wish that were possible. Though I really feel like eating street side food these days, it is an open invitation to food poisoning and typhoid.

Atul: I am having only home food these days. One has to strictly avoid consuming food from the outside.

Sanjay: What I dread the most is the dengue outbreak. Last year was really terrible. Almost everyone I knew was suffering from dengue.

Atul: I sincerely hope they will keep carrying out fogging and fumigation activities. Otherwise, it would be a repeat of last year.

Sanjay: Yes indeed. By the way, have there been power outages of late in your locality?

Atul: Yes, there have been a few instances, but the electricity board is looking into it.

Sanjay: Everything has its pros and cons, I guess. The weather is all pleasant and refreshing, but the rainy season comes with problems galore.

Atul: Yes, but it’s fun to stroll in the rains with an umbrella on the weekends.

Sanjay: That is true. We should try to enjoy ourselves as much as we can.

Atul: See, no matter what the weather, we will always complain. When it winters, we complain it is too cold. When the summer season is here, we want chilly weather. When it becomes too warm, we want the rains!

Sanjay: Yes. Just remain careful while going out! Else you might have the same scary experience as me!

Atul: Haha! I will. Let’s enjoy till we can. The post-monsoon weather is terrible. All sweaty and humid all the time.

Sanjay: That’s the worst. One has to bathe at least thrice a day to feel fresh.

Atul: Indeed. Okay, see you Sanjay this Sunday. Will you be coming to India Gate along with the others?

Sanjay: I will! See you on Sunday. Goodbye!

Vocabulary Note

1. Petrichor – A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.
2. Pitter-patter – A sound like that of quick light steps or taps. 
3. By a whisker –  By an extremely slim margin.
4. Succumbed – Fail to resist temptation, pressure or some negative force.   
5. Desilting – Remove suspended particles from a water or stream.
6. Fumigation – A method of pest control that involves the use of gaseous pesticides or fumigants.

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