Writing 101


Air hostess: Hello sir.

Passenger: Hello!

Air hostess: Would you like to have chicken or pasta?

Passenger: I will have chicken.

Air hostess: Anything to drink, Sir?

Passenger: What kind of soda do you have?

Air hostess: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, orange and dry pepper.

Passenger: I want a diet coke?

Air hostess: With ice or without ice?

Passenger: Without ice.

Air hostess: Here you go.

Passenger: Thanks.

Air hostess: Would you like to have anything else.

Passenger: Yes. Please, can I have a pillow?

Air hostess: Sure, Sir.

Passenger: Could I get a pair of headphones also?

Air hostess: Of course, Sir!

Passenger: Thank you so much.

Writing 101
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