Become Speaker in 50 Days

Shilpa: Hey Yasmin, how are you?

Yasmin: I am doing good, Shilpa. How about you?

Shilpa: I am doing great, thank you. By the way, who was that guy you were talking to at Starbucks? It really looked like he was hitting on you.

Yasmin: I was reading the Game of Thrones book, and he seemed interested to discuss the same. Eventually, we struck up a nice conversation and he asked me out before leaving. However, I am not sure I want to go out with him.

Shilpa: Oh! Why is that?

Yasmin: He seemed awfully nice and all, but I am not sure whether we have a good chemistry – I don’t want to lead him on.

Shilpa: Aw, don’t judge him too soon. I didn’t hit off with my last boyfriend immediately. It was only after a few times we went out that I started falling for him. We were together for two years.

Yasmin: Whoa, then why did you guys split up? What happened?

Shilpa: It was a mutual decision. We eventually found that we had different interests and plans for the future, and started to drift apart. We are still good friends.

Yasmin: That’s great. My last relationship was a complete disaster. I hooked up with a guy at a New Year’s party and we were together for two months. He was so dominating and emotionally abusive. I am glad it ended. I can’t even imagine how I put up with him for so long.

Shilpa: Oh! How did it end?

Yasmin: I caught the jerk cheating on me. He was making out with his ex. He kept begging for another chance but I put my foot down.

Shilpa: Phew! Good to hear that.

Yasmin: Thanks. So are you now going out with anyone?

Shilpa: I am too tired to get into a relationship now. I have gone on a few dates on Tinder from time to time but that’s it. Single life is way more peaceful to give up!

Yasmin: Cool, all the best!

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Become Speaker in 50 Days
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