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Friend asking for a favour



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Amit: Yo roomie! Did I startle you? (Surprise)

Farah: Holy cow! Of course yes. You scared the hell out of me.

Amit: My bad! Hahaha (laughs) (Informal apology)

Farah: Not funny at all.

Amit: Okay! What are you doing?

Farah: I am reading a novel by Paulo Coelho. It’s rather gripping. (exciting)

Amit: That’s wonderful. Actually I came to ask you something. I am going to supermarket do you need anything?

Farah: No. Not really.

Amit: Are you sure?

Farah: Yeah. But could you do me a favour? (Asking for a favour)

Amit: No problem. What’s it?

Farah: Can you please pick up my clothes from dry cleaners?

Amit: Yeah, sure. No problem at all.

Farah: Thanks a lot. There is one more thing. Actually there are two.

Amit: Yeah. Go ahead.

Farah: Would you mind going to Street Food Café and getting me pasta?

Amit: Definitely. I will do that. What else?

Farah: Once you come back, could you lend me hand in moving the furniture as you promised?  

Amit: I’m afraid I can’t. (Refusing a favour)

Farah: Oh, I guess I am asking too much.

Amit: Silly! I am just kidding. I will help you out. (Granting a favour)

Farah: Thanks so much.

Amit: Please don’t mention it. I must leave now otherwise I will be late.

Farah: See you soon.

Amit: Adios!


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