English Conversation: Between a Counselor and a Student

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Conversation between a Counselor and a Student

Counselor: Hi! Good Morning! How can I help you?

Arpit: Good Morning! I just want to get an enquiry regarding your courses which you are offering at Pep Talk.

Counselor: Yeah sure! We have three different courses you can just go through it then I will come and give you further details.

Arpit: Okay!

Counselor: Could you please tell me your requirements so that I can suggest the best suitable course for you?

Arpit: I want to improve my public speaking skills and I also want an overview of grammar.

Counselor: We have a perfect course for you which is Super Human Skills. In this course we will cover communication skills, interview and job skills, presentation, personality development and showmanship skills.

Arpit: Will I get any book for this course?

Counselor: Instead of focusing on textbooks we lay emphasis on practical aspects.

Arpit: Will I get GD sessions because I believe for speaking, GD plays an important role?

Counselor: Of course you will be given GD, debates, presentations and speech sessions. That environment will be provided to you so that you can hone your public speaking skills.

Arpit: Perfect then! So when can I enroll myself?

Counselor: Let’s start from today. We will complete your admission formalities and then from tomorrow we will begin your first session.

Arpit: Okay!  Do you require any documents for that?

Counselor: Yeah! One photograph and a copy of your ID proof.

Arpit: Sorry but I am not carrying my ID proof right now.

Counselor: No worries you can submit it tomorrow at the reception.

Arpit: Sure I will do that. Thank you.

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