Writing 101

Reporter: Hey, this is Meenakshi from AJP news.

Eyewitness: Hi Meenakshi.

Reporter: I would like to know about the incident of the 15th of March?

Eyewitness: I was passing by the Jayanta hospital and I saw few people fighting with each other.

Reporter: Then what did you do after that?

Eyewitness: I stood there for a while and then I decided to move ahead.

Reporter:  Then what happened next?

Eyewitness: Then all of the sudden I heard a sound of a bullet.

Reporter: Did you see who fired the bullet?

Eyewitness: Not really, because after that, people started running. I just have the rough look of that person in my mind.

Reporter: Could you please share that man’s rough look with us?

Eyewitness: Yeah sure! That man was wearing a red shirt with a black cap.

Reporter: Did you see his face?

Eyewitness: No, as he was wearing a cap so I couldn’t see his face because half of his face was covered with the cap.

Reporter: Did you inform the cops?

Eyewitness: Yes. I went to the local police station. They wrote the FIR (First Information Report).

Reporter: Thank you so much for sharing this information with us.

Eyewitness: You’re welcome.

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