English Conversation Between Boyfriend and Girlfriend For a Breakup- Part 1

Love and relationships are beautiful things if both partners are compatible and understanding. However, the sailing is usually not so smooth and most relationships witness ego clashes, petty quarrels, and trivial disputes, as a result of which a breakup eventually happens. Now, breakups are a pretty big deal and unless you have experienced one yourself, you won’t be able to imagine the emotional toll that it has on you.

Here is how such a telephonic/WhatsApp dialogue between a boyfriend and girlfriend goes. In this case, the boy has to break news to his girlfriend that he will be breaking up with her. In the second part, we will take the case of the girl breaking up with her boyfriend.

Boy: Hi, Shikha?

Girl: Hey babe, it’s 1 in the night. All okay?

Boy: Umm…I have been meaning to talk to you about something.

Girl: At this time? Can’t it wait until tomorrow?

Boy: It actually can’t. I have thought about this for a long time and couldn’t muster the courage until now.

Girl: You are scaring me. What is this about?

Boy: It’s about us.

Girl: Are you breaking up with me, Rahul?

Boy: No no, it’s not breaking up. I just think we are not compatible for each other right now. We have different interests and different views on everything. I guess we should take a break to explore other things.

Girl: Okay. Break means break-up. Can you tell me why? You were fine with the different interests and stuff when you wooed me. Is it about what I said at the party? I was just kidding!

Boy: Er, no. I am totally fine with that party bit, it was in good humour. I just think it won’t work out long-term and issues may arise. I don’t want to disappoint you either later on.

Girl: This is so strange. We have been together six months and all of a sudden you are just leaving me like that, with no good reason.

Boy: I feel you also deserve a break. You should explore other options.

Girl: This can’t be only your decision. This is unfair.

Boy: I am really sorry and deeply apologize if I have hurt or offended you in any way, but please try to understand.

Girl: I don’t know what to say. Can we discuss this over coffee tomorrow? Please?

Boy: Apologies, but I actually have an important meeting to attend tomorrow.

Girl: Is it some other girl?

Boy: What! No. I would never do this to you. I just want to explore and discover myself. I will certainly meet you, but not tomorrow. Can we do this the coming weekend?

Girl: Okay.

Boy: Will you be fine?

Girl: I am not fine but I can’t do anything if you have decided to take a decision.

Boy: I am sorry again. I will make things more clear when we meet. Please sleep. We will talk soon.

Girl: Ok. Bye.

Boy: Goodnight.     ­

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