English Conversation: Between Bus Conductor and Passenger

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Passenger: Hello!

Conductor: Hello Sir!

Passenger: Will this bus cover the route of Dwarka?

Conductor: Yes sir. It’s time to get on board.

Passenger: Thank you.

Conductor: Which sector do you want to go?

Passenger: Dwarka sector 6.

Conductor: OK.

Passenger: Is this the same route you cover daily?

Conductor: Yes.

Passenger: What’s the morning time of your bus?

Conductor: It’s 9 o’clock.

Passenger: Sharp 9?

Conductor: Yes. Sometimes due to traffic there is delay of 5 minutes but more often than not we are on time.

Passenger: Every morning at 9 I have to catch a bus for office. Mostly buses get late so could you please pick me up every day at 9?

Conductor: Sure sir. You can also get your monthly pass made for just Rs. 200 through which you can travel free for a month.

Passenger: Yes, that’s perfect. Can I get it made right away?

Conductor: Yes! Of course sir. I will make it in no time.



Get on board – board a bus, train or plane

More often than not – usually

In no time – immediately

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