English Conversation: Between Doctor and Patient

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Conversation between a Doctor and a Patient


MR. KAPOOR: Good morning, Dr. Sharma!

DR. SHARMA: Good morning! What’s wrong with you?

MR. KAPOOR: I have been suffering from fever since yesterday.

DR. SHARMA: Do you have any other symptoms?

MR. KAPOOR: I also feel headache and shivering.

DR. SHARMA: Let me take your temperature. At this time the fever is 102 degree. Don’t worry, there is nothing serious. I am giving you the medicine, and you will be all right in couple of days.

MR. KAPOOR: Thank you, doctor.

DR. SHARMA: But get your blood tested for malaria, and come with the report tomorrow.

MR. KAPOOR: OK doctor.

DR. SHARMA: I shall recommend at least two days rest for you.

MR. KAPOOR: Would you prepare a medical certificate for me to submit it in my office?

DR. SHARMA: Oh sure…………. This is your medical certificate.

MR. KAPOOR: Thank you very much. Please tell me how shall I take this medicine?

DR. SHARMA: This medicine is for one day only. Take this dose as soon as you reach your home and the second at 3 pm and the third at night before sleeping.

MR. KAPOOR: What should I eat doctor?

DR. SHARMA: You should eat only light food. You can take milk and fresh fruit also.

MR. KAPOOR: How much shall I pay you doctor?

DR. SHARMA: You can pay consultation fee at the reception desk.

MR. KAPOOR:  Thanks doctor.

DR. SHARMA: It’s all right.

MR. KAPOOR: Thank you doctor. I shall see you tomorrow with my blood report.









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  1. hi there,
    i want to learn most common and complicated English for the gain of this purpose i am try to go through those all dialogues and phrases that is helpful for me .
    this is simple and understandable able dialogue i love it ..
    thank you for sharing .
    keep going and best of luck for your next dialogue .

  2. Good link i have also do my holiday homework .


  3. could you please provide me with the usage of a complex form of communication between the doctor and patient

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