English Conversation Between Employee and Boss in Lift

People involved in the conversation: Siddharth (the boss), Priyanka (the employee).

Scenario: Priyanka is already in the lift, which opens in front of Siddharth.

How does a conversation between the two go?

Note: The dialogue can be different for different jobs. This is a specific example that gives you idea how the general tone of such a conversation should be.

Siddharth: Hi, is this lift going up?

Random person: Yes, sure.

Siddharth: Thank you.

Priyanka: Hi Siddharth! How are you?

Siddharth: Hey Priyanka, fancy seeing you here. I thought you were away for the onsite project?

Priyanka: Oh no, that got cancelled. The project has been postponed till January. Didn’t Keshav mail you? I thought he did.

Siddharth: He must have. I have had a very hectic schedule this past week. I am yet to check the emails of the past few days.

Priyanka: Oh sure. By the way, Meenal from HR asked me to set up a meeting regarding the client pipeline for the next quarter. I was just going to mail you for permission concerning the same. Better to save time and ask you right now!

Siddharth: Absolutely. Go ahead with it! Just drop me a mail afterwards so that it remains in record.

Priyanka: I will do that. I hope your father is doing well? He had an angioplasty surgery recently, right?

Siddharth: Yes, by God’s grace he is all right now. It was really a period of tension for my family. Thankfully, all went fine. He is doing well now and should be discharged soon.

Priyanka: Great to hear that. Family is everything.

Siddharth: It indeed is. I guess our floor is here. I will catch up with you once I am done with my pending emails.

Priyanka: Sure thing! I will be at my desk. There are no appointments scheduled for me today. Please let me know if there is any critical update.

Siddharth: Sure thing. Cya then.      

Tone of the conversation:

There are many companies where every employee – from the junior most to the CEO – is addressed by their first name. In other companies, you have to call your seniors by ‘Sir’ or ‘Mam’, whichever is applicable.

When you see your manager in a lift, the conversation will hardly be of some seconds (at most extending to a minute) and you are surrounded with other people, you need to maintain a formal tone with a touch of informality thrown in. Any work related matter which you deem important should be talked about first followed up with any personal stuff that really needs to be asked (e.g. inquiring the well-being of that person or his family). Since you will be surrounded with random strangers, you need to make sure you don’t breach any personal boundaries or make anyone uncomfortable by discussing intimate details.

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