English Conversation Between Job Seeker and HR (Telephonic Round)

If you are applying for a job in a company, the very first hurdle in front of you is the telephonic round with the HR. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, the HR will test your communication skills to assess whether you are a good fit for their organization or not. The business model of every company is based on the client service relationship. You will be selling a new product or service, seeking out new leads, and attempting to expand and consolidate your customer base. So talking confidently to clients is a must-have skills, and the same is evaluated in the first round of your job application process. Here is how your English conversation with the HR should go if you want to cross over to the next step of the interview process: HR: Hello, am I talking to Manish? You: Hi. Yes, Manish this side. HR: Hey Manish. This is Deepshikha calling from the HR team of EY. Is this a good time to talk to you? You: Yes, absolutely. Please go ahead. HR: So I am calling for an Analyst position in risk advisory at the Gurgaon location of the company. I came across your profile on Naukri.com.     You:  Okay. HR: I have just had a glance at your resume.  Can you tell me more about your educational background and work experience? You: Sure. Well, I completed my MBA in 2014 from Jaipuria Institute of Management. Since then, I have been working as a Senior Associate in Evalueserve in a risk advisory role.    HR: Can you just briefly tell me your roles and responsibilities in your current profile? You: Yes. I have worked in multiple projects that entail risk management programs, systems and processes. The core part of my job is to improve operational performance by doing a thorough analysis of our clients’ technology controls and processes establishing data privacy and security, as well as manage system and software vulnerabilities. In addition, I have also assisted forensic accountants to detect and measure frauds and other violations, as well as created, managed and utilized high-performance database solutions. HR: Excellent.Now, can you tell me why you want to leave your current organization?Because it sounds like you are getting good exposure and growth at Evalueserve. You: Actually, I have been working here since the past four years but the kind of projects I am getting recently in the risk advisory field are not exactly to my liking. Plus, to be honest, I am also looking for a good pay hike as well as new opportunities to upskill myself. HR: That sounds about right. Can you tell me what’s your current CTC and how much are you expecting at EY? You: My current CTC is 5.2 lakhs PA and I am expecting at least a 40% hike.   HR: I am sure we can work out something as per your skillset and experience. Now, can you tell me whether you know anything about EY? You: I surely do! It is one of the Big 4 Accounting firms in the world, along with Deloitte, KPMG, and PwC.  For people interested in making a career in finance, EY is one of the best places to be. HR: Good to hear that, Manish. How about you come for an interview in the next week? You: Next week suits me fine. Can we keep it on Tuesday? HR: Tuesday is good. Can I have your email ID so that I can mail you the details of the JD and the interview time? You: Sure thing. Please note – it is manish0609@gmail.com HR: Okay then, Manish! It was a pleasure talking to you. I will mail you the details and you need to confirm your presence with a reply to the same. Look forward to meeting you on Tuesday! You: Thank you so much. I will certainly be there without fail. The above conversation with the HR is as much about English speaking as it is about your experience and skills. Fluent English speaking will assist in accurately conveying your thought process and skills that you possess.

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