English Conversation: Between Librarian and Student

Below is a conversation between a student and a librarian. The student is curious to find a book that’ll help expand his knowledge of vocabulary. Well, that’s not all that you’ll need to have a good command of English. It’s also strongly advised to regularly read the daily conversation in English for speaking in India. Like, the one you’re reading right now!


Student: Hello ma’am, how are you?

Librarian: Hello! I am perfectly fine. And how are you?

Student: I am good ma’am. Actually I was searching a book.

Librarian: What kind of book are you searching for?

Student: An excellent English language book. From which I can get new vocabulary words and basically pronunciation practice for long words.

Librarian: You can go through Charles Dickens and John Milton books. There you can get vocabulary and pronunciation practice.

Student: In which section can I get those book?

Librarian: You can get those books in the literature section.

Students: Can I get them issued for a month?

Librarian: Yes, you can. Do you want to get both the books issued at the same time?

Student: Yes ma’am.

Librarian: For that you need to get a membership card issued for yourself. That card will permit you can get 2-3 books simultaneously.

Student: Ma’am, is it mandatory?

Librarian: Yes for issuing more than 1 book at a time.

Student: Do I have to pay something for that?

Librarian: Yes Rs.500/- for 6 months. Subsequently, you can get your card reissued only at Rs.100/- for 6 more months.

Student: OK Ma’am, please issue me a membership card.

Librarian: Sure. There you go.

Student: Thanks a lot Ma’am.

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