English Conversation: Between Nurse and Patient

Here’s an example of an English conversation between a nurse and a patient. If you read carefully, you’d notice how perfect the flow of conversation is with absolutely zero grammatical errors.


Nurse: Good morning sir, how are you feeling now?

Patient: Good Morning, I am feeling better than before.

Nurse: That’s really great. You look hale and hearty.

Patient: I just want to know that have you changed my medicine because you gave me only two medicines in the morning.

Nurse: Yes, seeing the steady improvement in your health, we have reduced your dosage. And that medicine will be given to you only at night.

Patient: I am a touch relieved after hearing this.

Nurse: You have a blood test right now.

Patient: Blood test for what?

Nurse: To check the level your hemoglobin.

Patient: OK and will that be done empty stomach?

Nurse: Yes, it will done empty stomach.

Patient: What will I get in breakfast after the test?

Nurse: Today you will get oats along with a cup of milk.

Patient: That’s so bland and boring. Can’t you jazz it up a little?

Nurse: Hilarious! Don’t worry you will get a healthy and sumptuous lunch.

Patient: That’s perfect.



Hale and hearty – strong and healthy  

Bland – tasteless, uninteresting

Jazz it up – make something more interesting

Sumptuous – good, splendid

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