English Conversation Between Student and Career Counselor

In India, there are two kinds of students – one who focuses on the medical and engineering fields from as early as Class IXth, enrolling in coaching institutes and preparing themselves for a rigorous schedule to crack the competitive exams post their board exams. The second kind of student who channelizes all his energy on doing well in the Class XII board exams, so as to get into a good college in reputed universities like DU, JNU, IPU, and others.

However, more often than not, there also arises a situation where the students are at a crossroad regarding their career. They don’t know what their passion is, where their interests lie, and what field would be productive for them in the long-term.

For such cases, the role of career counseling becomes important. By using psychometric tools, and providing a safe environment of understanding and guidance, career counselors can evaluate you and dispense the correct advice so that you can make an informed decision.

Below is an English conversation between a career counselor and a student who has just completed his Class XIIth from the commerce stream.

Counselor: Hi there!

Vivek: Hello, I am Vivek.

Counselor: Welcome to Career Solutions. I am Tanya. Tell me, how can I help you?

Vivek: I needed some assistance regarding my career choices. I am in a quandary and not able to decide what would be the best option for me.

Counselor: Sure thing, I will help you in the best way possible so that you can take the best decision for your future.

Vivek: Yes, please. I am thoroughly confused.

Counselor: Sure, let’s start. Have you taken the aptitude test?

Vivek: Yes, I appeared for it last week only.

Counselor: That’s great. So I will be asking you a series of question, some of them could be personal. By personal, I mean they would concern your family. Is that okay?

Vivek: Yes, it is absolutely fine. Please proceed.

Counselor: Okay. So, you are from the commerce stream, right?

Vivek: Yes, that is correct.

Counselor: What made you take the commerce stream after Class Xth?

Vivek: I come from a business background. My father deals in imports and exports so he suggested me this would the best academic line for me.

Counselor: So this was not your choice?

Vivek: I am fine with it. I love mathematics and accounting, and the science field did not interest me.

Counselor: That’s great. So you are looking to get into the field of finance and accounting?

Vivek: I am extremely confused! People have suggested me to go for C.A., while others have recommended to go for B.Com, while still others are telling to do Statistics. I can’t do them all!

Counselor: I see. We have an interesting dilemma here. But from what you have told me, you love mathematics and accounting, right?

Vivek: Yes indeed.

Counselor: I would suggest you go for C.A. then, because that is core finance and will make you far more adept than doing B.Com or Statistics. Most students who opt for the latter two courses go for MBA also for more career options.

Vivek: Oh, that means C.A. is more beneficial? What’s the employment situation like for those who do C.A.?

Counselor: It is excellent. The Big 4 accounting and audit firms- EY, Deloitte, KPMG, and PWC offer great packages if you are a C.A. and good at your job. Apart from these, there are many other firms as well that provide good employment opportunities.

Vivek: That’s good to hear. I want to get into my family business only after gaining 10 years of corporate experience.

Counselor: I would suggest you start studying earnestly for C.A. Selection is difficult but the rewards are immense if you get through.

Vivek: Thank you so much. On a note of caution, should I also enroll in a B.Com course? What if I don’t get crack the exam?

Counselor: Yes indeed. I was going to suggest that only. That will ensure you don’t waste year after year preparing for C.A. exams only.

Vivek: Great. This was really enlightening. I am now clear what my next step should be. Thanks again!

Counselor: Happy to help you Vivek. If you found our services useful, would request you to leave a review on our official website!

Vivek: I will do that for sure. Thank you!

Vocabulary Note:

1. At a crossroad = a stage in your life when you have to make a very important career decision.
2. Psychometric =
the psychological theory or technique of mental measurement.
3. Quandary =
a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation.

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