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Student:  Good Morning ma’am!

Receptionist: Good Morning!

Student: Ma’am I am not feeling well. I need to go home.

Receptionist: What’s wrong?

Student: I have got a headache.

Receptionist: Please go to the medical room and get yourself checked. Meanwhile I will be calling your parents.

Student: Yes ma’am I have already gone to the medical room and have taken medicine.

Receptionist: Just give me a minute then, I will just have a word with your parents

Student: Sure ma’am.

Receptionist: I had a word with your father. He will be coming within half an hour.

Student: OK ma’am.

Receptionist: Did you inform your class teacher about this?

Student: No ma’am.

Receptionist: I am writing a note you need to get it signed by your class teacher.

Student: OK.

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