Everyday english in 50 days


Guide: Hey I am your guide whose gonna help you to explore Delhi today.

Tourist: Yeah sure.

Guide: This is the heart of Delhi which is also known as CP

Tourist: Could you please tell me the full form of CP?

Guide: Connaught Place.

Tourist: What’s so special about this place?

Guide: It’s the best place to hang out. A place where you can get almost everything. It’s not only a commercial hub but a transportation hub as well.

Tourist: Is this place good for shopping also?

Guide: Yes! Here you can get all the trendy and branded items of every range.

Tourist: Is there any shop famous for clothes?

Guide: Yes. Shop no. 36 near west block is very famous for clothes.

Tourist: What kind of clothes will I get there?

Guide: Ethnic as well as western clothes. Both the options are available there.

Tourist: Is there any place where I can click a lot of awesome pictures?

Guide: Yup! The Inner circle of CP is best for photo-shoot.

Tourist: What kind of environment is there?

Guide: It offers absolutely lively environment. There is also a central park where you can sit for hours and relax. And you can also take pictures of our nation flag which is right in the middle of that park.

Tourist: That’s marvelous. Could you please guide me there?

Guide: Yeah sure.


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