English Conversation Between Two Friends About Climate Change

Climate change has been an oft-discussed topic for more than a decade, as indiscriminate human activity continues to release an enormous amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The resultant global warming and erratic climatic patterns have impacted the flora and fauna, water supplies, agriculture, and the power and transportation systems, to name a few. As the situation exacerbates and concern grows globally, it becomes important to be well-versed in the field of climate change. Here is an English conversation between two friends (or colleagues, relatives…it doesn’t matter) on climate change. It should be immensely useful for group discussions (GDs) also:

Farha: Hi Shefali, how are you?

Shefali: Hello Farha, I am good. How about you?

Farha: Did you hear the latest news?

Shefali: No, what?

Farha: The U.S. has pulled out of the Paris Climate Change agreement?

Shefali: Whoa! I was not expecting that Donald Trump would actually act on his words. I thought it was his usual bluster and the meltdown he normally has on Twitter.

Farha: He will lead the world to total disaster. I am waiting for 2020 to arrive soon so that he gets defeated in the elections.

Shefali: Yes, indeed. However, I guess we all have a responsibility towards the environment. Rampant deforestation, industrialization and increase in vehicular pollution has led to global warming. Not to mention the soaring pollution levels.

Farha: You are right. Delhi is choking with air pollution. I shudder to think what would happen in winters.

Shefali: The ozone layer is being depleted at an alarming rate. Everyone now owns more than one car and there seems to be no check on vehicular pollution.

Farha: I agree. But don’t you think there should be stringent laws in place to clamp down on the overuse of resources? What are the governments doing?

Shefali: I guess they are taking some sort of decisive steps now. That’s why the Paris agreement was signed. Thankfully, most signatory countries have not rescinded their decision like the U.S.

Farha: In my opinion, we should look more towards alternate renewable energy sources like solar and wind. I guess Elon Musk is doing a commendable job by promoting the use of battery vehicles and solar roof tiles. That will go some way in boosting the use of clean energy.

Shefali: Yeah, but people are skeptical of his intentions. They think he is exploiting this issue for profit.

Farha: So what? People have a tendency to splurge on all sorts of useless things so spending on products that will ensure long-term benefits can only be a good thing.

Shefali: I agree. Also, it is good to see so many celebrities raising concern about the harmful effects of global warming. Leonardo DiCaprio is at the forefront, as well as Emma Watson and Mark Ruffalo.

Farha: That guy who is the Hulk in Avengers?

Shefali: Heh yes, there are others as well. The future is not all so bleak.

Farha: I think corporates also have a social responsibility towards the environment. I know CSR activities happen all the time, but they should double down their efforts.

Shefali: I agree. By the way, are you aware that geologists have predicted that the majority of earth’s glaciers would melt away by 2035?

Farha: I think I read that somewhere. Does that mean floods and more natural disasters?

Shefali: Yes. People staying in coastal areas of Mumbai, London, New York and all are sitting ducks.

Farha: Temperatures are also shooting up in several places. I have myself witnessed 50 degrees Celsius plus. How are the plants and animals going to survive?

Shefali: Let’s hope everyone works for it. It is a cumulative responsibility of all!

Farha: Yes! We should plant more trees, demand more green zones. Meetings and conferences ain’t helping anyone!

Shefali: Let’s start with ourselves! Let’s pledge to plant more trees, save electricity and use public transport.

Farha: Right on!

Hope this was useful! Do you live in Delhi or a city that experiences a lot of pollution? Here is how you talk about the air pollution situation with a friend.


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