English Conversation Between Two Science Students Discussing Career Options After Class 12th

Once you have passed the class XIIth examination (phew! Done with those boards), the pertinent question arises about your career options. Which field should one follow? What career choice would be the best? If you are a Science student, you have the advantage of switching to other streams like commerce and humanities. At such a crucial juncture, career counseling becomes of paramount importance and a decision should be taken only after analyzing your interest, personality, and aptitude. This will help ensure that whatever path you follow, the end result is fruitful and productive. Here is how a usual English conversation goes between two students from the science stream, who are just done with their Class XIIth examinations.

Rohit: Hi Mohit, how are you?

Mohit: Long time, Rohit! I am great, how about you?

Rohit: I am also good. All my mental energy has been exhausted after the board exams. Plus, the fiasco of the Economics exam. What was that even!

Mohit: Same here. The papers were slightly trickier than before. Thank goodness there wasn’t anything messed up in the re-exam because the new of the leak was a shocker.

Rohit: Indeed! So what are your plans now? You had PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), right?

Mohit: Oh yes! And you, I guess, were in the PCM stream? I think I will appear for the medical exams. Both parents are doctors and I guess it is only natural that I also become one.

Rohit: Haha! I think you should go for a career in medical only if you are really interested, no?

Mohit: You are right. Though medical will be my major focus, if I don’t get crack the competitive exams, I will enroll in a B.Sc course at Delhi University and prepare for the Civil Services. What about you? Planning for engineering?

Rohit: Hmm, I am confused. Most of my classmates plan to appear for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, but I don’t really know whether engineering is my calling. You know Gaurav? Our senior in school?

Mohit: Oh Gaurav? Yes, I do. He cracked JEE, right?

Rohit: Yes, he did. But he didn’t find it interesting. Do you what he is doing these days?

Mohit: No, what?

Rohit: He is a wildlife photographer!

Mohit: Whoa! That’s crazy!

Rohit: My future plan is to do an MBA so I really wonder if engineering will be appropriate for graduation. I think B.Com (Hons), Economic (Hons) or even law would be better.

Mohit: Do whatever interests you man! Don’t go by the herd mentality. Most people just follow their peers and get into engineering. Then they regret because they are simply not cut out for it.

Rohit: Yes, I think I will apply to a good college at DU. Fervently hoping that the board results are good. Fingers crossed!

Mohit: Indeed. By the way, why didn’t you opt for commerce after Class Xth? Wouldn’t it have been better than science, given your future course of action?

Rohit: Hah! If I had taken commerce, my parents would have gone into a state of perennial depression, thinking my life has been ruined.

Mohit: Haha! Sad shit man. That’s the case with most parents today. I am pretty sure that even if I crack the Civil Services, there would be a tinge of disappointment in my parents for not becoming a doctor.

Rohit: Same case everywhere! By the way, did you hear that Pep Talk India is conducting a career counselling workshop soon?

Mohit: Oh no I didn’t. Are registrations still open?

Rohit: Yes, they are. I will give you the link.

Mohit: Great, and thanks. See you at the workshop then!

Rohit: Cya, touch base soon!

If you are done with your graduation and have landed up with a new job, here is how you can go around talking about it.



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