English Conversation Between Two Students Meeting For the First Day in Class

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The following English conversation is between two students who recently got admitted to an MBA college in Delhi. The MBA course has just been taken as an example, and the conversation can be in the same manner for any other course. Only some specifics will change e.g. subjects in the course etc; rest, everything is expected to proceed in a somewhat similar manner as below. Whenever you have to talk to another student in a class, you can engage with him or her as shown below:

Rohit: Hi, what’s your name?

Arjun: Hey, I am Arjun. What bout you?

Rohit: I am Rohit. So, what’s new, Arjun?

Arjun: Just looking forward to the first class. Mr Rawat will be teaching us financial management, right?

Rohit: Oh yes, he also takes the psychology class, by the way.

Arjun: Yeah, I came to know about it today. He is quite a martinet. We will have to be on our toes all the time!

Rohit: Indeed. I went through the syllabus. Some subjects really require a lot of practice.

Arjun: Yes. Our specialization in financial markets is good though. Probably better than most general MBA courses.

Rohit: Yeah right. So Arjun, where do you come from?

Arjun: I hail from Chandigarh, where my family lives. I have taken a PG in Dwarka for this course. What about you?

Rohit: I am from Delhi itself. I put up in East Delhi, near Anand Vihar. I stay with my family.

Arjun: How do you commute? By the metro?

Rohit: Yes, metro is the best option for students. Also, the university has decided to reimburse 50% of the metro fare, which was recently hiked. So it the recommended option plus quite safe.

Arjun: Wow, that’s good. I travelled by the bus today. It was so hot and stuffy. I will also opt for the metro if you say it is that good.

Rohit: It indeed is. Air conditioning and the trip duration is also really short. Saves a lot of time.

Arjun: Great. So Rohit, which field have you graduated in? I am curious to know the mix of students here. I have done B.Com (hons) from Panjab University.

Rohit: I have done B.Tech in Computer Science from MDU Rohtak. Worked in a couple of companies but the software field did not interest me. I want to explore the world of finance.

Arjun: Good to hear that. The technical sector, especially IT, is becoming really saturated by the day. It is better to shift to a management role.

Rohit: Absolutely correct. I felt my work experience was not helping my professional growth. So I quit and appeared for CAT.

Arjun: I am a fresher, by the way. I hope to learn a lot and get placed in a good company in the second year.

Rohit: I have heard that placements are quite good at this college. Last year, 90% of students got job offers from Deloitte, EY, KPMG, EvalueServe, WNS and other consultancies.

Arjun: That’s good to hear. By the way, what electives have you opted for?

Rohit: I will go for financial journalism and depository operations. Actually, I am keen to get into the media line also.

Arjun: Wow, that’s cool! I will opt for Advanced Technical Analysis and Option Trading Strategies.

Rohit: Ah, you are looking for an advisory role in the future. Sensible decision. It pays a lot! We can also share notes in the final semester and benefit from our shared experiences.

Arjun: Sure thing! I am keen to expand my professional network as much as possible. Didn’t the Dean mention that networking was the single most important thing that we would do during our course?

Rohit: Oh yes, she did say that. Networking is very important. I also hope to participate in some interesting activities here. They have the drama club, elocution and literary club and stuff like that.

Arjun: Extra-curricular activities are really important. I will also get myself enrolled in some of these clubs.

Rohit: What about your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

Arjun: I have diverse interests. I like to travel, dabble around in photography and love watching movies and TV shows.

Rohit: That sounds great. I am a bit of an amateur photographer myself. Check out my page on Facebook ‘Passion of Celluloid’.

Arjun: I will do so! Here is my contact number. Will discuss a lot of stuff after class.

Rohit: Cool! I will drop a message. Great to connect with you. I guess sir has arrived. Talk to you soon.

Arjun: Likewise! Yes, let’s talk after class.

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