English Conversation Between Two Students On Delhi University Admissions

A familiar scene every year after the announcement of the Class XIIth board results is the hullabaloo around the Delhi University (DU) admissions for undergraduate courses. While the process heralds a new beginning for students to start their college life, it is also a moment of heartbreak for many who don’t get admitted to their desired college or courses. Many questions persist:

What would be the cutoffs for the top colleges?

What is the admission process?

Will the good courses remain available in the subsequent cutoff lists?

What is to be done if the score in the boards is low? Is it the end of the road?

Here is how a conversation goes between two students who are keen to get into a DU college and are waiting for the admission process:

Shefali: Hi Kanika! How are you?

Kanika: I am good, Shefali. What’s up?

Shefali: I am just a bit tensed up about the cutoffs this year at Delhi University.

Kanika: Same here. I scored 96% but I wonder if that would be enough to get me into St Stephens or Lady Shri Ram.

Shefali: I have a similar story. I scored just slightly below 96% but going by the trend of previous years, it looks like even 97% won’t be enough.

Kanika: Which courses are you aiming for?

Shefali: B.Com honors or Economic honors would be great. I plan to do an MBA as well after graduation, so let’s wait and watch what happens.

Kanika: Cool. I am planning for English honors. I just hope I get into a decent college. If the top ones are not possible then Miranda House, Hansraj or Venkateshwara will also do.

Shefali: Don’t they say that it doesn’t matter which college you get into, because the degree will be of Delhi university?

Kanika: Hah! That is utter rubbish. Just look at the placements at the top colleges and compare with the ordinary ones. There is a huge difference!

Shefali: Oh really? I wasn’t aware of this. How come?

Kanika: Graduates from colleges like SRCC, LSR, St Stephens get packages exceeding INR 10 lakhs. The students from these average colleges get paid only a third of that and for lower-ranked profiles.

Shefali: Oh! That makes getting into a good college even more important.

Kanika: Yes. There is the Delhi University central placement cell also, where you can appear for general placements. But that’s mostly for call center jobs. It can’t compare to the college placements.

Shefali: I guess you are right. What’s the admission process for DU? I am not fully aware of the same.

Kanika: You have to first register yourself on the official website. It is a lengthy process. Once that is done and you qualify for the cutoffs, then you have to reach the particular college to complete the formalities. That will take at least 2-3 hours.

Shefali: Thanks. What all documents do we have to carry at the time of counselling?

Kanika: The mark sheets of Class 10th and 12th, character certificate, transfer certificate, migration certificate, and two recent passport size photographs.

Shefali: Great! Thank you. That is really helpful.

Kanika: By the way, do you know Pallavi?

Shefali: Pallavi Sharma? Yes, what about her?

Kanika: Poor thing scored below 90%. She has been in a state of depression since the past few weeks.

Shefali: Oh! That is awful. But Delhi University is not the end of the world, right?

Kanika: That’s what I was telling her. She can easily go for Law or some other course. Her spoken skills are really excellent.

Shefali: I agree. Many students don’t even care for these board exams and instead prepare for engineering and medical exams.

Kanika: Yes. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Monday, when the first cutoff list will be released.

Shefali: Indeed. I think we all should relax in the meantime. There has been just too much stress. Care to join me for a movie tonight?

Kanika: I will! Which one are we watching?

Shefali: Deadpool 2 is playing in the theatres right now. Shall I book for PVR 7 pm show?

Kanika: Done! I will meet you at 7 PM sharp!

Shefali: Cool! See you.

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