English Conversation: How to buy a Mobile Phone

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English Conversation while buying a Mobile Phone


Shopkeeper: How may I help you?

Customer: I wanna buy a phone which fulfills all my requirements.

Shopkeeper: What are your basic needs?

Customer: My first requirement is that I need a phone which has an excellent camera.

Shopkeeper: May I know about your budget for the phone?

Customer: I am looking for a phone below Rs. 20,000.

Shopkeeper: Nowadays OPPO is one of the best options for all those people who wanna have a very good camera and especially for clicking selfies.

Customer: How much storage does it offer?

Shopkeeper: It has an internal storage of 64 GB & 4 GB RAM

Customer: And how about the Camera?

Shopkeeper: The rear one is 13 MP while the front one is 16 MP.

Customer: Oh, that’s great. How much is the price?

Shopkeeper: The price is 19,500 Rs.

Customer: What other phones do you have if I want more storage?

Shopkeeper: You can have Apple  iPhone 7 then.

Customer: How much storage does it offer?

Shopkeeper: It has got the storage of 256 GB.

Customer: How much is it for?

Shopkeeper: It’s for 75000 Rs.

Customer: Oh no, that’s very expensive, help me with a cost-effective phone which has got both good camera and good storage.

Shopkeeper: Then you can go for OPPO F1s, the one which I told earlier because it also has an expandable storage of 128 GB.

Customer: Does it also have Dual SIM option?

Shopkeeper: Yup, it also has Dual SIM slot along with the expandable memory slot.

Customer: How much discount will you offer?

Shopkeeper: Sir, this is the last price as it’s already a discounted one.

Customer: Okay, can you pack this phone?

Shopkeeper: Sure sir, How will you pay?

Customer: I will pay by card.

Shopkeeper: Okay sir, thanks.





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Everyday english in 50 days

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