Everyday english in 50 days


Salesman: How may I help you?

Customer: Hello! I want to buy a LED TV.

Salesman: Sir could you please specify me the brand so that it will be easier for me to suggest you the best model available.

Customer: Could you suggest me top brand?

Salesman: Sony is a trustworthy brand in an electronics world. You will also get 3 years warranty on Sony products

Customer: What will be the price of Sony TV?

Salesman: Depends on the size of the TV. 32 inch is for 28000/-, 40 inch is for 32000/-, and 42 inch is for 36000/- only.

Customer: I think 42 inch will fit perfectly in the living room.

Salesman: Excellent choice Sir. With this particular model you will also get a 10000 mAh power bank.

Customer: That’s perfect. I was planning on to buy a power bank too.

Salesman: So when shall we make the delivery?

Customer: Before planning for the delivery, could you please tell me the payment modes?

Salesman: You can pay by card, cash, or cheque.

Customer: Sure, I would like to pay by card.

Salesman: Sure sir, so will you take the delivery today?

Customer: Yes!

Salesman: Ok Sir! I will get your product ready. It will take 15 minutes. By that time I will get your warrant card and bill ready.

Customer: Sure.

Salesman: Sir your product is ready for delivery.

Customer: Thank you so much.

Salesman: Welcome sir, have a nice day ahead.





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