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Boy: Hello

Girl: Hi

Boy: How are you?

Girl: I am good, what about you?

Boy: I am also good.

Girl: So what are you doing these days?

Boy: I work with an MNC in Noida.

Girl: Wow! That’s great.

Boy: And what about you?

Girl: I am a yoga trainer.

Boy: That is something amazing

Girl: Hahaha.. Thanks.

Boy: Why did you choose this as a career?

Girl: I am crazy about fitness. And I also love making others fit.

Boy: Great!

Girl: How long have you been working with this MNC?

Boy: I have been working in this sector from past 8 years.

Girl: Wow that’s nice.

Boy: Are you free today?

Girl: Yes!

Boy: Let’s meet today?

Girl: Sure!

Boy: So where would you like to go?

Girl: Let’s meet at TDI mall

Boy: The one which is at Rajouri Garden?

Girl: Yes.

Boy: At what time?

Girl: In the evening at 6 o’clock.

Boy: That will be perfect.

Girl: OK, then see you.

Boy: OK. See you.


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