English Conversation: How to order food at a Restaurant


Waiter: Welcome sir. Please have a seat.

Customer: Thank you.

Waiter: How can I help you Sir?

Customer: Could you bring me menu card and a glass of water?

Waiter: Sure sir. Sir this our menu card.

Customer: Could you please tell me famous dish of your restaurant?

Waiter: Sure sir. Would you prefer veg. or non-veg. food?

Customer: Non-veg.

Waiter: Sir, Mughlai chicken is the best we have.

Customer: OK then, I’ll have Mughlai chicken with tandoori naan.

Waiter: Would you like you order beverage?

Customer: Yes, one coke.

Waiter: OK Sir.

Customer: How long will it take?

Waiter: It will take 20 to 25 minutes.

Customer: Excuse me! I almost forgot to mention one thing.

Waiter: Yes please, tell me.

Customer: I want coke without ice.

Waiter: Sure sir.

Customer: Meanwhile could I get something to read?

Waiter: What would you like to read Sir?

Customer: Can I get a magazine?

Waiter: Yeah sure.

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