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English Conversation Pic at Pep Talk

Order-taker: Good evening Mam, Could I take your order?

Pep-talker: Yes, plz. Can you make one large Margherita?

Order-taker: Yeah, sure. Do you want it with single or double cheese topping?

Pep-talker: I want that with double cheese topping. Do you have any pizza with Paneer topping?

Order-taker: Yes sir, You can order Peppy Paneer?

Pep-talker: Will it have Mushrooms in it?

Order-taker: The Peppy Paneer does not have mushrooms, but I can customize it and can add mushrooms. However it will cost Fifty Rs. extra. Will it do?

Pep-talker: No problem. But plz make it Medium. Can you also order one Veg Burger pizza and one Garlic Bread?

Order-taker: Yeah sure, would you want a Plain Burger pizza or the Classic one? The latter will have Tomatoes, Paneer and Capsicum.

Pep-talker: I want the Classic one.

Order-taker: Also mam, do you want a Stuffed Garlic bread or the Plain one?

Pep-talker: I want the plain one with a Cheesy dip to go with it.

Order-taker: Mam,I will repeat your order. It is Large Margherita with double cheese topping, One Medium Peppy Paneer with added Mushrooms,  One Classic Veg Burger pizza and one plain Garlic Bread with a cheesy dip. Anything else mam.

Pep-talker: Thank you!

Order-taker: Your order will be delivered in 30 mins.


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Everyday english in 50 days
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