English Conversation: How to plan a Family Vacation

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Father: It’s been really long we guys haven’t gone anywhere.

Son: So dad let’s plan something for this summer.

Daughter: Father let’s go to Goa?

Father: Goa?

Mother: No, no, no, we’re not going to Goa. We will go to an idyllic and tranquil place where we can relax and find peace.

Daughter: Mom really? You are seeking peace. We can get enough peace sitting at our home too. Dad let’s go to some happening place where we can actually have fun and frolic.

Son: Let’s go to some adventure place. Where we can do paragliding, sky diving and lot more.

Daughter: Ha ha you are gonna do skydiving? Ohhh please!

Son: Yes, of course. I am cut out for that.

Father: OK, let’s go to Dharamshala. It offers serene milieu, mesmerizing locales, and we all can have an ace time.

Mother: We both have gone there earlier.

Children: But mother we haven’t experienced it.

Mother: OK then let’s go. I will go and get started with packing.

Children: Yipee! Love you mom. That’s going to be the best trip ever.

Father: I will book the flight tickets and hotel.

Mother: Instead of hotels let’s stay in tents.

Son: Yeah mom it will be real fun.

Daughter: Yes dad its will be very exciting.

Father: OK.



Idyllic – beautiful and peaceful

Tranquil – quiet and peaceful

Frolic – enjoyable activity

Be cut out for something – to have ability needed for something

Serene – calm and peaceful

Milieu – environment

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