English Conversation: How to plan a Picnic

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English Conversation between two friends who are planning for a Picnic

Omisha: Hi, How have you been?

Arpan: I am doing great, How are you?

Omisha: I am also good, Let’s plan a get-together among our friends next weekend.

Arpan: Oh, That’s a fabulous idea! How about planning for a picnic?

Omisha: It sounds a great fun. One of my friends went to Botanix Nature Resort last month with his family and really enjoyed there.

Arpan: Which is this resort? I have never heard about it

Omisha: It is around 50Kms from Delhi and is built in thirty acres park. It’s a farm full of adventure sports. What say?

Arpan: It seems like a real good place, Lemme discuss it with other friends and by this weekend we would take a call

Omisha: What about food?

Arpan: Do we get food there?

Omisha: Yeah, of course, however I will confirm it from my friend

Arpan: At what time we should leave?

Omisha:  I think we should leave early morning so that we can enjoy all the activities

Arpan: You are right, let’s decide about other things among everyone and accordingly take a call.

Omisha: Ask everyone to get their swimsuits along as the resort has a large pool, it will be really enjoyable

Arpan: Cool, I will get the Badminton rackets and the football

Omisha: Great! We gonna have a great fun there, so let’s get started!

Arpan: Yup

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