English Conversation: How to plan a Vacation

Conversation with a Travel agent to plan for Vacation

Customer: Good morning, I am thinking to go for a vacation this year with my family. Can you suggest a good destination for the vacation and its cost?

Travel agent: Good morning sir, I will give you the complete information. When are you planning to go? Do you want to go somewhere in India or abroad?

Customer: I want to go abroad and preferably to Europe. I am thinking to take my family in Summer holidays as the kids will be free. Please let me know a place which can be visited during this time and has the best weather.

Travel agent: There are many places you can travel in the month of May-June. One of them is definitely Europe, the season is amazingly good as the climate is not very cold as well as hot.

Customer: Which all countries should be added to the package if I opt for Europe?

Travel agent: You can add Switzerland, Italy, France and Austria to your package, they are the best places to visit in Europe. Also, I can add London to your package. However, it would add to the package.

Customer: Is there any other place I can go to besides Europe?

Travel agent: If you want to go to Asian countries, you can try Thailand and even Singapore and Malaysia.

Customer: What would be the cost of all the packages?

Travel agent: Singapore Malaysia and cruise package wouldn’t cost you much, it would be under 70,000 per person for 6-7 days . If you opt for Australia, it would cost you over 1,20,000 per person for 6-7 days. The package to Europe would cost you around 1,60,000 for 7-8 days.

Customer: Its very expensive. That would cost me an arm and a leg. We are six people in a family. If I choose Europe package, that would be way too expensive.

Travel agent: Have you ever gone to Singapore and Malaysia?

Customer: No, I have never been.

Travel agent: Then I would suggest you to go for Singapore and Malaysia as the package is cost effective and is also clubbed with Cruise. You can experience best of both the worlds.

Customer: I am finding this one enticing. Can you please share the best price for this package?

Travel agent: Sir, I have shared the best price. However, the prices may vary in accordance with the hotels and cruise rooms.

Customer: Please give me the rates for four-star hotels. Also, I want the balcony room in the cruise.

Travel agent: No problem sir, I will mail the best quotation to you shortly.

Customer: Thanks a ton for your assistance

Travel agent: Thanks, sir.

Best of both the worlds: Enjoying the advantages of two different things at the same time
Enticing: Attractive
Cost an arm and a leg: Very expensive

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