English Conversation: How to talk about a Movie Plan

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Conversation between friends about a movie plan

Rhythm: Hi dear, where are you right now? Don’t you know that we were supposed to go and watch the movie? I got the movie tickets booked online, the show has already begun.

Sahiba: I am just leaving Peptalk, I have got late.

Rhythm: You are always late whenever we plan something.

Sahiba: I am so sorry, I would reach in 10 minutes.

Rhythm: Where have you reached now?

(after 20 minutes)

Sahiba: I am almost there, don’t worry.

Rhythm: It has been more than twenty minutes that we have last talked, where are you?

Sahiba: There is a lot of traffic on the flyover because of DMRC construction. I am really sorry. You can go inside the movies and I will join you as and when I would come.

Rhythm: I knew you would back out at the last moment. From next time I will never make a plan with you.

Sahiba: Who is saying that I am backing out, I am coming over. It would just 5 -10 more minutes.

(after Sahiba reaches PVR cinemas)

Sahiba: You are really in a black mood. I am very sorry that I have got late.

Rhythm: You must be.

Sahiba: Shall I order anything for you?

Rhythm: Please order something for me, I am completely famished.

Sahiba: What would you have?

Rhythm: Please get anything in Non-veg, do they have Chicken Burger?

Sahiba: Yes, they offer good Chicken burgers here. Do you want Hot dog? They serve yummy hotdogs here.

Rhythm: Okay, I would have one Hotdog as well. Now Don’t try to make up so much for coming late.

Sahiba: Okay, I am sorry again. Come on, let’s watch the movie now.

Rhythm: Sure.




Back out: Not keep (a promise or deal)

Famished: Extremely hungry

In a black mood: Very angry

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