English Conversation: How to talk about Business Expansion

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Conversation between Boss and Employee

Boss: Hello Rakesh! Please have a seat.

Employee: Thank you sir.

Boss: Actually I have called you to discuss about a new project of which you will be handling the responsibility.

Employee: Sure sir. I would be glad to shoulder that responsibility.

Boss: As I have informed you before that we are planning to open a new branch in Gurugram so I want you to search the best hotels in Gurugram to hold seminars.

Employee: Sir, I know few hotels in Gurugram which provide amazing package for the seminars.

Boss: Yes please tell me.

Employee: Hyatt, which has a rating of five stars. It provides a package of 80000/- for 4 seminars. And will also provide coffee with snacks.

Boss: That’s nice. But can we get something at more reasonable rate?

Employee: Clarks Inn provides package of 55000/- for 5 seminars. But it has a rating of 3 stars.

Boss: Will they provide snacks?

Employee: Yes sir they will. But not unlimited.

Boss: No problem. So I want you to scout for more hotels and book the best available option that meets our requirements.

Employee: Sure sir. So shall I schedule a meeting with one of them?

Boss: Yeah please. And keep me posted.

Employee: OK Sir.



Shoulder – accept the responsibility

Scout for – search an area to find something

Keep me posted – regularly update with recent information

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