English Conversation: How to talk about Date Night

English Conversation between Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Boy: Hey babe, how are you? I missed you a lot!

Girl: I missed you too.

Boy: Please, come over and let’s hang around.

Girl: That’s an excellent idea, take me for shopping.

Boy: Some other time, Let’s go and watch a movie this time, I have booked two corner seats for us.

Girl: Why do you always refuse for shopping despite the fact that, you know, I love it so much?

Boy: We went for shopping last month, didn’t we?

Girl: SO WHAT? That was last month, what about this month??

Boy: Let me just remind you that it was just fifteen days back we went.

Girl: You never understand me.

Boy: Baby, I love you.

Girl: I think it’s over.

Boy: What is over?

Girl: between us

Boy: Are you crazy? What about the movie?

Girl: It’s over.

Boy: Alright, we will go for shopping after the movies.

Girl: Great! where are we going for the film?

Boy: At PVR Cinemas.

Girl: After that, we are going to Ambience Mall for shopping.

Boy: Alright, we will go.

Girl: What are the show timings?

Boy: It’s at four, get ready fast. I am coming over to pick you up.

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