Writing 101

Conversation between friends about new Job

Sunil: Hi Yukta, how’s it going?

Yukta: Everything is great. What’s new with you?

Sunil: I am very well.

Yukta: You look positively ecstatic today. Who’s she?

Sunil: Nothing like that. Actually recently I have joined new job at DLS Venture Capital.

Yukta: That’s great Sunil. You didn’t even tell me about it.

Sunil: All of the sudden, I had to quit my previous job. Thereafter, while I was searching for job, I this exciting new opportunity. Though it’s totally new for me but pay and perks they are offering are stupendous.

Yukta: But why did you leave your accounting job?

Sunil: To be very honest, I didn’t see any significant professional growth in that dead-end accounting job. I always wanted to do something exciting which offers opportunities to travel.

Yukta: Yeah, you mentioned it before. I bet you are relishing every bit of it.

Sunil: So far so good. I can’t really whine about not hanging out with my old friends.

Yukta: I guess you can’t really have your cake and eat it too, sometimes you have to make few compromises.

Sunil: Yeah, you are right. I have to make peace with the fact that change is inevitable. I have to somehow deal with it. I am really excited about the new travel opportunities that would come with the new job.

Yukta: That’s more like it. I guess that’s the way cookie crumbles.

Sunil: Yeah.

Yukta: By the way, congratulations on your lucky break.

Sunil: Thanks a lot.

Yukta: So, when can I expect a big treat?

Sunil: Whenever you say dear.

Yukta: How about lunch at Le Meridian on Sunday?

Sunil: That sounds good and bit expensive but alright. I see you on Sunday then.

Yukta: Alright then. Please don’t back away at eleventh hour like you always do.

Sunil: I would keep my end of the bargain. Don’t worry about it.

Yukta: That sounds fair. I have to catch an early movie at PVR. See you.

Sunil: Cheerio!




Ecstatic – extremely happy

Stumbled upon – find something by chance

Whine about – to complaint about something

Have your cake and eat it too – to have benefits of two different things

Make peace with – accept something unpleasant

That’s the way cookie crumbles – that’s the way the situation is, and it must be accepted

At eleventh hour – at the very end

Writing 101
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