English Conversation: How to talk about Sports

Conversation among friends about Indian Cricket

 Raj: Hi everyone, how are you?

Akhil: I am great, how is everything going?

Sunny: Things are going fine at my end. How about you two?

Raj: I am snowed under these days with my work and family. I have no time for any kind of sports and leisure activities. What about you guys? Are you both into any kind of Sport?

Akhil: My favourite Sport is Cricket. My friends and I normally play on every Sunday afternoon at the Sports Complex and trust me we have a blast.

Sunny: Can I also be part of that blast next Sunday?

Akhil: You both can join us any time.

Raj: I could join you next week. Hope that’s okay?

Akhil: Of course, there is no problem in that. We would have real fun.

Sunny: By the way, Are you watching Indian Cricket matches? They have become really interesting these days.

Raj: Yeah sure. After Kohli has become the captain, the matches have gone up a notch.

Akhil: I think MS Dhoni was a better Captain than Virat Kohli. I feel we shouldn’t ignore Dhoni’s efforts as a captain, he won 2007 Twenty20 and also won the World Cup in 2011.

Sunny: Even I agree with you. Dhoni’s performance has been quite consistent since the very beginning and I am sure he would do his best in future as well. I think Virat is the youngest captain in the Cricket history so far. He won Man of the Tournament twice at the ICC World Twenty20. Kohli’s performance has really been stupendous so far.

Raj: What about other players? How are their performances?

Sunny: Ravindra Jadeja and Suresh Raina are two other players whose performances have taken a big leap.

Akhil: Yeah, they also play fantastically. By the way, I would take your leave as I have to go. Let’s meet on next Sunday at the Complex.

Sunny: I would love to be a part of it. I will definitely come.

Raj: I would inform you in some time. Anyways it was nice meeting you.



Snowed under: Overworked

Stupendous: Astonishing

Gone up a notch: Increase a little

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