English Conversation: How to talk about Weekend Plan

Conversation between two friends about Weekend Plan


Abir: Hey, last night my friend saw you at the party.

Sharanya: Yup, I went with my friends.

Abir: so, how was it?

Sharanya: Actually it was a Sufi night.

Abir: It must have been mind-numbing, listening to Qawwalis.

Sharanya: Are you kidding? Actually no Qawwalis were being played, there was a DJ playing Sufi songs and everyone enjoyed it.

Abir: Can you tell me one such place where Sufi songs are played.

Sharanya: I know one place, it’s One Boulevard at Saket, they have one of the best Sufi music nights every week and the ambiance is very rejuvenating. You should visit this place.

Abir: I would definitely attend one of them, so will you come along?

Sharanya: I might come, let’s plan accordingly.

Abir: Should I ask my friends?

Sharanya: Sure, the more the merrier.

Abir: Alright, let’s plan over this weekend.

Sharanya: Not this one, I am busy this weekend, may be the next one.

Abir: No problem, let’s meet next weekend and accordingly we will plan.

Sharanya: Yeah sure!



Mind-numbing – very boring

Rejuvenating – more lively

The more the merrier – more  people there are, better the situation will be


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