English Conversation: How to talk about Work

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English Conversation between Two friends about work

Amrita: How are you doing?

Karan: I am great.

Amrita: You look perplexed, what happened?

Karan: Nothing much, I am actually looking for a job change these days but prospects look bleak.

Amrita: Why do you wanna change?

Karan: The current work place is very far from my home and it’s very difficult to manage.

Amrita: Which all places have you tried?

Karan: I have tried in almost all the placement agencies but nothing’s working.

Amrita: Relax, Things will get settled in some time and you will get through. Don’t worry.

Karan: How can I relax? All my efforts are going in vain.

Amrita: At least you are making efforts for what you want, I am sure you will get the results at the right time.

Karan: I am also hoping that, by the way how is your work going?

Amrita: My work has become topsy-turvy these days

Karan: What happened with your work?

Amrita: Nothing much, too much of work at office, I have a lot on my plate these days

Karan: OK, Things keep you busy all the time.



Perplexed – Confused

Bleak – Discouraging

Get through – to be successful

In vain – without success

Topsy-turvy – disorganized

A lot on my plate – to have a lot of work or problems

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