English Conversation: How to talk about Yoga Classes

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Conversation between mother and a daughter about yoga classes


Mother: Good Morning dear!

Daughter: Good Morning mom!

Mother: Why don’t you get up early in the morning?

Daughter: Ah! During holidays I want to sleep for long.

Mother: But dear it will upset your routine.

Daughter: Mother I am not a kid anymore. Such things won’t disrupt my routine.

Mother: I am your mother I know what’s best for you. You should pay heed to me for your own good.

Daughter: Oh mother! I know that just relax!! I have made up my mind, I am gonna join yoga classes. So from tomorrow I will get up at 5 and attend my classes.

Mother: That’s more like it!

Daughter: Hey! I have a brilliant idea, why don’t you also join yoga classes with me.

Mother: Ah no no no I don’t have time for that. I have to attend public speaking classes at Pep Talk India.

Daughter: Mom it’s just for an hour. At least you can spare an hour for yourself. We can go together on the weekends.

Mother: Okay fine. Let’s give it a shot.

Daughter: Perfect Mom. Love you!



Pay heed to:  pay careful attention

Make up my mind: decide something

That’s more like it: more acceptable

Give it a shot: try to achieve something


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