English Conversation: How to talk at a Bookstore

Conversation at a Book Store

Shopkeeper: Good morning ma’am, how may I help you?

Customer: Good morning. Do you have Grammar books?

Shopkeeper: Yes ma’am. We have myriad of grammar books in language section, which one do you want?

Customer: I am looking for an advanced Grammar book.

Shopkeeper: Which author do you prefer?

Customer: I don’t really know about any author, I just want to polish up English Grammar.

Shopkeeper: We have many books by Cambridge and Oxford, they are quite popular. However, we have a catalogue which you can browse.

Customer: Okay, Let me have a look.

Shopkeeper: Ma’am, I have a suggestion. You can join Pep Talk to improve your spoken English as my son had also enrolled there few months ago and really had a good experience.

Customer: Okay, thanks. I would look that up on Google.

Shopkeeper: Are you looking for any other book or novel?

Customer: I am also looking for ‘Delhi’ by Khushwant Singh. I have heard that it’s really a good book and has got very good reviews.

Shopkeeper: I think we don’t have it right now, the last one got sold yesterday and I have ordered it already. I am sure, it would be made available next week.

Customer: Okay, I have been searching for this book online, however I am unable to find it anywhere. I have been really pushing my luck to get it, but all efforts are in vain.

Shopkeeper: I am sorry ma’am, I would try and get the book for you ASAP. If you want any other book by Khushwant Singh or any other author, you can browse through the collection on your right.

Customer: Do you have other books by Khushwant Singh or by any other Indian author?

Shopkeeper: We have only one book by Khushwant Singh which is ‘The Sunset Club’. It makes for interesting reading.

Customer: Sure, I would love to see it. Do you have any other Indian author book?

Shopkeeper: Sure, ma’am. We have many books by Indian authors. They are on the right hand side of the shelf.

Customer: Thanks.

Shopkeeper: Ma’am, have you made up your mind?

Customer: Yes, I want ‘The Sunset Club’ by Khushwant Singh and ‘Sea of Poppies’ by Amitav Ghosh and advanced grammar by Raymond Murphy.

Shopkeeper: Sure, ma’am. How would you like to pay?

Customer: I would like to pay by card.

Shopkeeper: Can I have your card?

Customer: Sure, here it is.

Shopkeeper: Thanks.



Myriad: large number

Polish up: improve

Look up: To find

Push your luck: take risk to achieve something

In vain: Without success or result

Browse through: look at many things

Make for interesting reading: interesting to read

Make up your mind: decide something

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