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Conversation at the Airport

Passenger:  Can you please help me find the counter of Air India?

Ground Staff: Sure Ma’am, It is on the right hand side at counter no.11, beside the counter of IndiGo Airlines.

Passenger: Thank you so much.

(At Air India counter)

Air India staff: How many people are you? Can I please have your passports and tickets?

Passenger: We are two of us, here are our tickets and passports.

Staff: Thank you, please allow me a minute for verification. How much luggage do you have?

Passenger: We have 2 bags for check-in and 1 hand baggage.

Staff: That’s fine. Kindly put your check-in baggage on the conveyor belt. Also, please tie the baggage tags against all your handbags.

Passenger: Sure, I will do that.

Staff: Ma’am, I believe you have exceeded your luggage’s weight limit.

Passenger: Oh! How many kg over are we?

Staff: The limit is 15 kg per person on check-in baggage and 5 kg on hand baggage. For two people, the limit would be 30 kg and 10 kg respectively. Your check-in baggage is 32.5 Kg Ma’am.

Passenger: So, what do you advise us to do?

Staff: You can take some time and rearrange your luggage over there Ma’am, or pay fine which is 600 INR per kg.

Passenger: All right then. I would like to rearrange my luggage.

Staff: Right Ma’am.

After 10 minutes

Passenger: There you are Ma’am, All done

Staff: Very well Ma’am. Kindly put your luggage on the conveyor belt.

Passenger: Sure

Staff: Fine Ma’am. Here is your boarding pass and baggage tags are behind your boarding pass. Your boarding time is 14:25 pm at gate no. 13. Have a safe flight. Thank you for choosing Air India.

Passenger: Thank you so much. Have a good day!

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