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Receptionist: Good Morning! How can I assist you?

Guest: Good Morning. Actually I am looking for a room in your hotel. So can you provide me information regarding that?

Receptionist: Sure ma’am. We have a room which will cost you INR 1800 per day. In which you will get breakfast buffet complimentary.

Guest: Is the price negotiable?

Receptionist: If you will pay by debit or credit card so you will get 10% cash back.

Guest: Will I get discount on online booking?

Receptionist: Yes sir you will get 15% discount on that.

Guest: So how much will it cost?

Receptionist: t will cost you around INR 1530 plus taxes per day

Guest: OK.

Receptionist: How long are you planning your stay?

Guest: For a week.

Receptionist: So when will you check-in?

Guest: Today.

Receptionist: Sir you have to pay 2 days advance at the time of check-in.

Guest: Why so?

Receptionist: Sir this is the policy of our hotel and we have to adhere to it

Guest: OK, no problem. But before checking-in could you please show me the room.

Receptionist: Sure Sir.

Everyday idioms made easy banner
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