Writing 101

Conversation between Customer Executive and Customer

Customer executive: Good Afternoon sir! How may I help you?

Customer: Hello! Actually my phone is acting up since yesterday morning.

Customer executive: May I know which handset you are using?

Customer: Apple iPhone 6s plus.

Customer executive: Could you please tell me the problems you are facing currently.

Customer: I am facing battery and software issues.

Customer executive: Can I have a look at your phone?

Customer: Yeah sure.

Customer executive: Please give me 10 minutes meanwhile have a seat and have coffee.

Customer: Yeah sure.

Customer executive: I have figured out the problem with your phone. There is a malware in your phone that is apparently responsible for software glitches. Is your phone under warranty?

Customer: Yes, it is under warranty. Can it be fixed without extra cost?

Customer executive: Yes definitely. But for that I have to factory reset your phone.

Customer: All my data will be deleted?

Customer executive: No Sir, you can take the back up for all your data. And if you have already done that then there is no need to fret.

Customer: Actually I haven’t done that. Could you please guide me how to take back up the phone data?

Customer executive: Yeah sure. You just need to create an ID on iCloud or you can use your existing Apple ID as well.

Customer: Thank you so much. I need 10 to 15 minutes to do that.

Customer executive: Sure sir.

Customer: Done. How long will it take to fix all the bugs?

Customer executive: It will take at least an hour. Kindly show me your bill.

Customer: Sure this is my bill and I will just complete the rest of my work and I will come after an hour to collect my handset.

Customer executive: Sure sir just collect your token number from the counter.

Customer: OK.



Act up: – to not work properly

Figure out: – understand something

Apparently: – seemingly

Glitches: – small problems

Fret: – worry

Fix the bugs: – resolve an issue

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