English Conversation: How to talk at the Bank

Conversation between Bank Manager and Customer

Customer: Hi, I need to open an account in your bank so could you please guide me through the process?

Bank Manager: Sure sir, I will be guiding you regarding the formalities to be completed for opening an account.

Customer: Let me know what all details that are required for that.

Bank Manager: You need to fill a form and submit that form at counter 5.

Customer: What all ID proofs I need to submit?

Bank Manager: You need to submit one soft copy of your address proof, your electricity bill and your Aadhaar card.

Customer: But the electricity bill of my house is on my father’s name.

Bank Manager: In that case you can submit your license and your previous bank details.

Customer: Will my previous bank transaction statement work?

Bank Manager: Yes it will work.

Customer: And where I need to submit all my details?

Bank Manager: At the same counter. You need to attach all these details with the form.

Customer: How much cash do I need to deposit at the time of opening an account?

Bank Manager: You can deposit minimum Rs. 5000.

Customer: Will I get the debit card and the cheque book on the same date?

Bank Manager: No, it will take a week and it will be sent to the address mentioned in the form.

Customer: OK, Sir thank you so much.

Bank Manager: You’re Welcome.

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