English Conversation: How to talk at the Gym

English Conversation: Joining a Gym


Receptionist: Hello sir, welcome to Fitness Time. How may I help you?

Karan: My dad and I want to join, but before that we would like to take a tour of the gym. Can we see the gym?

Receptionist: Yeah, sure. Let me call someone to give you a tour.

(After taking the tour…)

Receptionist: How did you like the gym sir?

Karan: It is good, spacious and well ventilated. Could you please tell me about the fitness trainers here? Are they all certified?

Receptionist: Yes sir. All our trainers are ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Certified. Apart from trainers we also do have helpers on the floor for helping our clients in lifting heavy weights and for re-racking weights after use.

Karan: That’s very good. Could you make me talk to any of your trainers? I just need to ask some questions.

Receptionist: With pleasure sir.

Fitness Trainer: Hello sir, I am Max. I am a fitness trainer here. How can I help you?

Karan: Yeah. I just wanted to know that what kind of training approach is being followed here. I need to put on some serious weight as you can see I am so skinny and lanky.

Fitness Trainer: Sir after you have joined here, you will be informed about complete workout and dietary regimen which you will have to follow religiously in order to see some discernible change in your physique. For you, I will suggest at least four days of rigorous weight and strength training followed by just one day of mild-to-moderate cardio and some abs exercises. Throughout this bulking phase, you will have to eat like a horse and sleep like a log.

Karan: Shall I be asked to take supplements later? What are the benefits and ramifications of taking these supplements?

Fitness Trainer: Yes sir, but it will depend on you completely whether you want to take them or not. Nobody will force you to take anything. Moreover, we ask only those clients to take protein supplements who are very serious about their physique goals. Protein supplements are essential because the kind of healthy food we eat at home like milk, fruits and green vegetables do not contain all 21-essential-amino-acids. For people who want to put on quality muscle, these protein supplements complete the deficit of protein in their diet. There are no mentionable byproducts of taking these supplements but only if you keep a cap on your daily intake and do not excessively consume them than what has been recommended.

Karan: Okay. I was also a bit concerned about my dad who will also be joining with me. He is in his 60s and is also an asthmatic patient. What fitness approach would you recommend for him?

Fitness Trainer: Sir, we do have Senior Fitness Trainers on floor all the time at our center. They are the ones who basically deal with all elderly people as well as people with any kind of past medical history like heart related, asthma or stroke related. You can bring your dad along without a worry. He will be taken care of properly.

Karan: Okay. Thanks a lot! Could you tell me about the fee structure or packages that you offer?

Fitness Trainer: I am afraid sir. I am not equipped with all the details about the fee packages. You can ask this at the reception. You will be thoroughly informed.

Karan: Sure.

Receptionist: Welcome back sir. Are you satisfied talking to our trainer?

Karan: Yes, totally. Could you tell me the fee structure or packages that are available?

Receptionist: Yes sir. Here is our manual mentioning all the monthly, quarterly and yearly packaging details. Please go through it once.

Karan:(after skimming through manual…) I have checked it. I would like to join right now and go for an annual package.




Lanky: Thin and tall.

Regimen: fitness or diet routine

Discernible: noticeable

By-product: An unintended but inevitable secondary result.

Eat like a horse: Eat large amount of food.

Sleep like a log: To get a sound uninterrupted sleep.

Keep a cap on: put a limit on something

Skim through: To read or examine quickly.

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