English Conversation: How to talk to a stranger

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Opening A Conversation With A Stranger

(Inside a Metro)

Boy: Excuse me!

Girl (with headphones on): Sorry, you talking to me?

Boy: Yeah, just need to ask you one thing real quick.

Girl: Fire away.

Boy: Which headphones are you using? They look very funky.

Girl: These are Skullcandy’s. The model name is ‘Crusher’.

Boy: If you don’t mind, may I get a sound check?

Girl (hesitantly): Okay…there you go.

Boy (after checking the sound quality): Wow, it is amazing. I was not expecting this. Never been an admirer of Skullcandy.

Girl: Yeah.

Boy: How much did it cost?

Girl: 6500/-.

Boy: Amazing product at such a low price. Sound quality is extremely good. I mean I could literally single out the sound of every musical instrument being played, the drum thumping, the bass throbbing the heavy guitar riffs everything.

Girl: Yeah Skullcandy is coming up with some really good products nowadays. You can try out other models as well like ‘Hesh2’ and ‘Uprock’. These models as well are more than capable of giving anyone a feel of eargasm.

Boy: Oh really? But now you have germinated a confusion in my head.

Girl: What confusion?

Boy: That which model is best?

Girl: Well you have tried one yourself. For others, you can go and check the reviews on the Internet.

Boy: Yeah I sure will. By the way sorry I forgot to introduce me, I am Harsh. I am a B. Com. final year student at Hansraj College.

Girl: I am Sakshi. I work with Genpact. Oops! My station has also come, time to get off. It was nice meeting you by the way. See you around.

Boy:  Yeah Sure.

Girl: Bye.

Boy: Bye.



Fire away – tell somebody to ask question

Riffs – repeated pattern of notes in music

Eargasm – sensation derived from listening to music

Germinate – begin to grow


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