Writing 101


Interior designer: Hello.

Housewife: Hello.

Interior designer: Yes please.

Housewife: I got your number from internet. I am looking for an interior designer to design my house. So could you please help me with that?

Interior designer: Yeah sure. Could you please tell me where are you calling from?

Housewife: I am calling from Delhi.

Interior designer: OK. I would like to know which section of your house is to be designed.

Housewife: I am planning to get my kitchen area designed.

Interior designer: How big is that area? So that I can plan accordingly.

Housewife: The area is about 100 sq. ft.

Interior designer: So how do you want to get it designed?

Housewife: Actually I am planning to take my room area itself in kitchen so that it gets bigger. And I want an open kitchen.

Interior designer: Sure I will help you with that. But for that I need to visit your house first.

Housewife: Sure I will text you the address on the same number.

Interior designer: Sure.

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