English Conversation: How To Talk To Your Colleagues In a New Job

Whether you are in a government job or the private sector, a time eventually comes when you are transferred to a new place or have to join a new location or change your job. Now, whether you are a complete introvert or an out-and-out gregarious person, there is a certain way you should talk to your colleagues in a new job. You can’t come across as too friendly or for that matter assume a too demure demeanor because it can make your colleagues either suspicious or dismiss you as a recluse and a difficult person. In order to maintain propriety and also be genial in your interactions, here is how an initial conversation should go on your first day at the job:

You: Hi there, it is Mayank, right?

Colleague: Hi, yes. You must be Shikhar. You have recently joined the company, right?

You: Yes indeed. The group manager Mukul told me that you would be my mentor for the first four months of the training.

Colleague: Oh right. I will be training you on the digital marketing module. Do you have any prior experience with the same?

You: I have a basic knowledge of how SEO work and have done content writing for several firms. Now keen to expand into a role of digital marketing specialist.

Colleague: Awesome. I have been working for six years in this domain so should be able to guide you well.

You: Thanks a lot, Mayank. This is my first day only. Are there any formalities I have to complete, apart from those told by the HR?

Colleague: I think you should be fine. I hope you know where the cafeteria is? And have you got your transport stuff all sorted out? They don’t allow anyone to sit in the shuttle unless the name is in the roster.

You: Oh no, I haven’t. Thanks for informing. I will do it during recess.

Colleague: Yes, do that. Where do you put up at?

You: I stay in Noida, sector 137.

Colleague: Gosh! That’s quite far from Gurgaon!

You: I agree

Colleague: It must be quite tiring for you to commute all the way from Noida daily?

You: Indeed it is, but there were no job opportunities in Noida. All job offers I received were from Gurgaon only.

Colleague: Okay. Let’s see! If commuting becomes too much of a hassle then I can set you up with one of my friends. He is looking for a PG partner.

You: That’s cool. Let’s see how this travelling bit goes.

Colleague: Yes. Do you have any queries? Ask away!

You: I haven’t received my employee ID yet. When will that be?

Colleague: It takes a few days. You see Shalini sitting over there? She joined a couple of days back and still hasn’t received her. You can talk to her and both can get it done from the facilities department.

You: Sounds good. Also, what is the working atmosphere here like? I just want a heads-up before I know how to approach people!

Colleague: Well, our supervisor Priyanka is all cool as long as the work is going good. But if a client feedback is not so flattering then she can lose it. Rest, all other members of the team are chilled out. You won’t have any problem gelling with them.

You: Ah, that is great. Okay, do we also have to come on Saturdays?

Colleague: That happens rarely. I can’t quite remember the last time we came on a Saturday. We do stretch on some days when there are urgent client deliverables.

You: Can you just brief me about the modules I would be covering?

Colleague: Sure, there will be seven modules during the training- SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Email marketing, SMM, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing.

You: Great! I hope to learn a lot.

Colleague: You will also be given access to online courses at Lynda so that you can learn additional stuff at your own pace.

You: Wow! That is amazing. By the way, how is the food at the cafeteria?

Colleague: It is quite okay, but we get bored of it after some time. We have the option of ordering from nearby outlets and there is a tie-up with Swiggy so that all deliveries are free.

You: Perfect. Food should be good, don’t you agree?

Colleague: Haha! It is, don’t worry.

You: Will I be formally introduced to other team members?

Colleague: There will be a grand party at Hyatt for all the new joinees in this quarter. You will get to introduce yourself there. It will be loads of fun! Chillax!

You: Thank you!

Colleague: You’re welcome. Should we get started with the training?

You: Absolutely. Let’s begin!

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