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How often in life do you find yourself dejected and frustrated by your current job or/and your personal life? How many times do you embark on a grand action plan where you list down your short-term and long-term goals but find yourself in the same situation after a year or so?

We all have a habit of procrastinating things. Call it sheer laziness or a lack of will power or a remarkable ability to come up with excuses – we plan a lot but rarely get anything done. On top of that, we want to see a complete transformation in our life, not to mention the expectations of success, despite not doing anything concrete.

How about charting out a plan to help you lead a more successful and productive life?

Don’t worry. This ain’t another plan that will eventually get discarded. These are practical, time-tested tips that have worked for thousands of people who have gone to achieve dizzying heights of success!

Several tips from the English conversation below are actual words of wisdom imparted in Pep Talk India classes:

Nishant: Hi Rocky sir!

Rocky Saggoo: Hey Nishant. What’s up with you?

Nishant: I am feeling a bit depressed, sir.

Rocky: Why so?

Nishant: I have been stuck in the same job since the past five years. I no longer have the will to continue and every day seems a drag. Moreover, I have also been suffering from health issues. My extreme dissatisfaction with my personal and professional life is taking a toll on my mental health as well.

Rocky: Whoa! Wait a minute. Have you ever paused and reflected why you are being plagued by these problems?

Nishant: I don’t understand. I have applied to other companies but didn’t clear any interview. Regarding my health, I haven’t had the time to exercise at all.

Rocky: Okay. Listen to me clearly now. Why aren’t you clearing your interviews?Have you upgraded your technical skills? Can you converse with the interviewer fluently in English?

Nishant: I became a bit nervous in the second round, I guess. I agree, I should have learnt a new skill as well.

Rocky: There, you answered your question yourself. For your health, it takes just 10 minutes to exercise and instantly feel better. I guess you can spare 10 minutes in your day? Also, are you cutting down on sugary and deep-fried food? Eating healthy is more important than working out.

Nishant: Yes, I can fit 10 minutes in my daily schedule. However, I find that I am unable to follow up on my plans that I create to achieve professional success. Can you suggest some time management tips?

Rocky: Of course! There are many, but the ones by Peter Drucker are the most effective.

Nishant: Great. That will be really helpful!

Rocky: There are more suggestions that you should inculcate in your life that will make you a much more successful person that you are right now.

Nishant: Oh wow! Please tell me all about it.

Rocky: First of all, you need to build the right habits. Start meditating. Do yoga or whatever meditation exercise suits you. It will make you mentally strong. This, in turn, will help you develop a strong will power and eliminate procrastination.  

Nishant: Indeed. I agree.

Rocky: Also, start reading as much as possible. If you are addicted to movies and TV shows, try shifting your preferences to informative and educational podcasts and documentaries. You will find yourself being more aware of what goes on in the world and become a smarter person.

Nishant: Thank you. I do binge on Netflix shows from time to time. Time to change that, I guess!

Rocky: Watching once or twice in a week doesn’t matter. But daily viewings can be really harmful.

Nishant: Yes. Can you also suggest some way to really follow up my goals and plans?

Rocky: I was coming to that. There are several ways of doing that. Take a notebook and on one side of the page, note your short-term goals and on the other side, pen down your long-term goals. For short-term goals, I would suggest you use sticky notes because they will keep changing.
Now what you have to do is to jot down a realistic plan for the day, week, and month. Also, do not block any hours for anything because we all know it doesn’t work that way. Just make sure you complete everything within the mentioned time frame.

Nishant: Thanks. That is really useful.

Rocky: Hold on! There is more. The sum total of all your short-term plans should be contributing to your long-term plan. This is how you finally achieve your goal!

Nishant: Wow. That’s really cool.

Rocky: Yes, and make sure you cut down on distractions like social media, unnecessary extended family engagements and extra socializing with friends. Learn to say NO. Your decisions are ultimately responsible for what happens in your life.

Nishant: Terrific. I have learnt a lot today!

Rocky: Great! Go ahead and conquer your fears. Do not let your fears limit you. Be the success you visualized yourself to be!

Nishant: Thank you so much, sir. You are really an inspiration.

Rocky: 🙂 


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